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Caribbean School of the Arts & Business

Register for our 2023-2024 CSEC & CAPE Classes

A Place of Second Chances for the ENTIRE Caribbean!

Interested persons wanting to prepare for CSEC/CAPE 2024 Exams should register for our classes this September . 

WhatsApp or Call + (246) 236 - 7000 to register

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What is The Caribbean School of The Arts  Business About

The Caribbean School of the Arts & Business (CSA&B) is an institution dedicated to the fostering of a true appreciation of the Arts among the youth, to the extent that they can appreciate the vital role it plays in society. We work with parents to assist in the development of their children into young men and women of character and excellence with a Christ-centered approach. At CSA&B we consider God to be the original, ultimate and consummate artist and it is from this model that we aim to glean, as we foster an appreciation for the value of the arts in our children. We believe that talent, skill and excellence are great, but that more is needed to extract and optimize the gifts of the arts to the full benefit of the society and the world.

Much mentoring and learning occurs outside of the classroom. CSA&B therefore provides opportunities for students to interact with others and in different cultures, through national competitions, social programs and International arts tours and outreaches.

The four pillars of CSA&B are:

Spiritual: CSA&B encourages students to recognize and understand their spiritual self from a Christian perspective. Students are challenged to think critically about the fundamental truths from the bible and teaching which Jesus Christ espoused and how these relate and can be utilized in their chosen area(s) of the arts.

Academics: CSA&B provides a premiere education for students through the well-rounded Caribbean Secondary Education Curriculum (CSEC), well equipped facilities, and attentive teaching staff. Students are encouraged and motivated to pursue and achieve their utmost best. This all redounds to the glory of God the original giver.

Social: CSA&B is devoted to serving others in love and expect our students to do the same. We take an anti-bullying and zero-tolerance stance to violence at our school. In addition to our spiritual components, we achieve this by engaging students in biblically based conflict resolution strategies and discussions. Outreach to local social institutions and social programs is a component of our program.

Artistic: CSA&B remain committed to excellence through our performing and visual arts programs which challenge the creativity of our budding artists. These programs are aimed at developing the individual and at the same time, bringing glory to God.  Students will learn how to use their gifts and skills to exemplify God’s beauty, creativity, character, and truth to the world. 

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