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about praise academy of dance barbados

Changing Mindsets Through Artistic Expression

Praise Academy of Dance Barbados is an affiliate of Praise Academy of Dance Jamaica, established by C. Patricia Noble in 1993 and Praise Academy of Dance Trinidad. In 2002 Praise Academy of Dance Barbados was born when they formed as The Barbados Gospelfest Dancers, and was officially launched in 2003.

As a premiere Arts school in Barbados, the Academy has grown and gone on to excel at The National Independence Festival for the Creative Arts (NIFCA) and Barbados Dancefest, winning Gold and Silver awards; they has performed at Governmental, Corporate and Church functions and has been a staple in dance and drama in Barbados. Many have come to anticipate their annual productions, embracing the full gamut of the arts from dance to drama to music, even gymnastics, with no hesitation or fear to wrap everything within a culturally relevant Barbadian expression.
At Praise Academy, no one is made to feel small, and every opportunity is provided for even the littlest ones to hit the stage and “do their thing”. Indeed “opportunity” is a living mantra at the Academy, affectionately called “Praise”. Young people are provided the chance to choreograph, direct and even produce events under the expert tutelage of Artistic Director Marcia Weekes. At Praise, there is a constant search for hidden, undiscovered and even forgotten talents which could be used to build individuals and effectively communicate the messages so potent to

You can be confident that by sending your child or ward to Praise Academy, they will be given every opportunity to develop whatever gifting, positive inclination or constant spinning, flipping or mirror-cracking activity they possess and which sometimes drives you nuts. Gaining a Grade 1 or 2 CXC in Dance and/or Theatre Arts or a distinction in the International ISTD exams is an outcome you can expect from your child, once you join with Praise and encourage them to be committed, dedicated and passionate in whatever sphere of the arts they choose.

So, we look forward to welcoming you, your child or ward at the Academy for the upcoming semester.

Make the choice, register today by calling us at 246-549- 7595 or visit us at Astrid House, Halls Gap, Hastings Christ Church. Remember, Praise Academy is a family that builds you up.



Praise Academy exists as an organisation, utilising the Arts to convey a message rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, such that the nation and nations can recognise and maybe appreciate the relevance of God to their every-day lives.

The Academy has a very specific focus on the youth, with the intent on equipping and encouraging them to lead a godly and productive life.

History of Praise Academy

Two years after dance teacher, Pat Noble got saved, she was on the stage of the Little Theatre dancing to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song in a Jamaica School of Dance production.

She heard a voice which said: ‘Who are you edifying when you are dancing like this?’ She was devastated.

“When I came off, the other dancers said to me: ‘Pat Noble, what happen to your face? How you look so?’ So I told them that I heard this voice. And they said: ‘Well, it is only the voice of God that could talk to you like that.’
“I went into a corner and I said, ‘God, anything you want me to do, I will do. Just allow me to finish this concert’,” Pat recalled.

The following day was a Monday. She found that when she awoke, she could not walk. She was virtually lame for a week. The following week life began to return to her feet. She related these developments to her church sister, the renowned Gene Denham (now deceased), staff worker at the Students Christian Fellowship and Scripture Union (SCFSU). Gene explained that because Pat had earlier been involved in dancing Kumina and Revivalist dances, she had attracted demonic spirits to her body. Gene then instructed her how to fast and pray and seek deliverance. This she did and was indeed delivered of the demons that had been oppressing her.

About a year later, Pat was alone at home, when she heard God say to her ‘I am going to teach you to dance.’ The Lord told her she was going to do ‘Interpretive Worship’ where words are used to inspire movement. She got up and played Andrae Crouch’s O, It is Jesus in her cassette player and danced it without a hitch or without stopping under the choreography of the Holy Spirit, she explained.

Some time later, a member of a dance troupe she was working with at the Covenant Community Church in Kingston prophesied over her. Pat was at the time contemplating a Master’s degree in Dance, having earned a diploma in dance education from the Jamaica School of Dance.

The prophetic word declared that she was not to go and do the Master’s for what the Lord was going to teach her would be more than she would learn in formal study. The prophetic word also said that God was going to establish a dance academy and that she was going to lead it. Pat did not give serious regard to that prophesy as she felt she was too ordinary to establish a dance school. Seven years later, Pat quit her job as a primary school teacher to pioneer Praise Academy of Dance.