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2018-2019 School Year

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To Register:
Click link below to Download the Application Form
Print and complete Application Form
Email form to praiseacademybds@yahoo.com
or Hand deliver to office at MOYENDA (Next door to St. Leonard’s School) 4pm to 8pm, Mon – Fri, 9am – 2:30pm Sat
Praise Academy of Dance Barbados is a registered, premiere arts school in the Caribbean with affiliated schools in Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Trinidad and Anguilla. In Barbados, with a student body of approximately 200 students, Praise Academy has contributed positively to the social change in the nation of Barbados for the last 14 years by producing dances and theatrical productions specifically dealing with various relevant social issues. The Academy, under artistic director Marcia Weekes, has excelled at NIFCA and Community Dancefest, winning over 50 Awards; it has performed at Governmental, Corporate and Church functions and has been a staple in dance and drama in Barbados. Many have come to anticipate their annual productions, embracing the full gamut of the arts from dance to drama to music, and gymnastics. Praise Academy of Dance is not your average Dance institute, it is a developmental engine. Praise in its focus offers the best to its students, and therefore have undertaken the arduous task of securing a ballet instructor from Cuba Professor Laura Alvarez- Tapanes to augment its teaching faculty.



1 Class per student

  • $150.00 (12 yrs and under)
  • $160.00 (13 yrs and over)


2 Classes per student

  • $200.00 (12 yrs and under)
  • $210.00 (13 yrs and over)


3 Classes per student

  • $240.00 (12 yrs and under)
  • $250.00 (13 yrs and over)


4 Classes per student

  • $280.00 (12 yrs and under)
  • $300.00 (13 yrs and over)


N.B. One (1) class is equivalent to one (1) hour of teaching






PRE-PRIMARY BALLET TO BALLET GRADE 1 – Full uniform including ballet shoes = $125.00

BALLET GRADE 2 – BALLET GRADE 6 – Full uniform including ballet shoes = $145.00



1 Pink or Blue leotard – $40.00

1 Pink or Blue Skirt – $20.00

1 Pair of Footed Ballet Tights – $25.00/ Convertible $30.00

1 Pair of Ballet Shoes (Size 6 and under) – $60.00/ (Size 6.5 and over) – $80.00




Pre-Primary (3-5yrs) & Primary Ballet (6-12yrs)                                 

Rose Pink leotard, Rose Pink skirt and Opaque skin tights and Ballet shoes


Grade 1 to Grade 4 Ballet (6-12yrs)                                         

Blue leotard, Blue skirt, Opaque skin tights and Ballet shoes


Grade 5 & 6, Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Ballet                                

Black leotard, Black skirt, Opaque skin tights and Ballet shoes


Modern, Jazz, Rhythm & Movement                                     

Ballet leotard and Black tights





  1. Arrive 15 minutes before every class and rehearsal
  2. Attend classes consistently
  3. Be attired in full uniform for classes and rehearsals
  4. Hair is neatly pulled back in a bun for Ballet classes
  5. Be respectful to teachers and administrative staff
  6. No eating or drinking in studio (Only water is allowed)
  7. Complete all home-work and assignment given
  8. Review dance exercises or choreography given in class before the next class
  9. Parents, guests or students not enrolled in a class are not permitted in the studio while that class is in session
  10. All jewelry must be removed before any class
  11. Cell phone usage or usage of devices are not permitted in the studio





What Is ISTD?

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world’s leading dance examination boards. From Ballet to Ballroom, they have 12 dance faculties covering Theatre, Dancesport and Social Dance.

Since 1904 they have provided training for dance teachers and examiners, enabling teachers to enter their students for examinations, develop new techniques and spread the joy of dance.

As a registered educational charity and membership association, the ISTD’s mission is to educate the public in the art of dancing in all its forms, to promote knowledge of dance, to provide up-to-date techniques for their members, and to maintain and improve teaching standards. They support their members through updated teaching syllabi and techniques, plus a wide variety of courses, summer schools and congresses.

Praise Academy of Dance has taken part in these examinations for over 5 years training our students to become accredited dance teachers and professional dancers.

In order to sit this External Examination, you are chosen by your class teacher and will be required to pay an examination fee.






Pre-Primary- $100.43

Primary- $133.10

Grade 1- $150.04

Grade 2- $165.77

Grade 3 – $187.55

Grade 4- $197.23

Grade 5- $212.96

Grade 6- $235.40

Intermediate- $286.00

Advanced 1 –



Jazz Bronze – $133.10

Jazz Silver –


All fees will be due by December 3rd, 2019. Students are required to wear their full Praise Academy uniform for these examinations.






Glorious! is the main fundraising event for Praise Academy of Dance Barbados. Since Praise Academy, a registered non-profit entity, is not government sponsored and does not have a main Corporate Sponsor, our income is generated through class and performance fees.


We have therefore generated a production sponsorship card valued at $150.00, designed to help us defray some of the cost of the annual Glorious show, such as costumes, props, lights etc.


Parents have the option of using the production card to ask their friends and relatives to sponsor their child, or they can pay the full amount without usage of the card.  However, each student is required to pay the full amount to be eligible to participate in the Glorious! Production.


Glorious! is a culmination of all the hard work from the students throughout the year, and showcases their talent as dancers and ministers, while providing a positive atmosphere for our students to be a blessing to each other and the wider community through dance.

Please note that parents have the option of not allowing their children to participate in the end of year show which is slated to be held July 7th 2019.


We are looking forward to a powerful life changing experience this Glorious 2019!


NOTE: Production cards will be available upon registration.

PRAISE ACADEMY CALENDAR OF EVENTS September 2018 – September 2019




Sept. 15th- Sept. 28th, 2018 4pm-8pm Mon-Fri/ Sat. 9am-5pm



September 22nd 2018 – Annual Awards & Appreciation


1st TERM

September 29th, 2018- December 8th, 2018



September 2018-November 2018 – NIFCA Dance Competition



December 15th 2018 Christmas Production


Ballet Intensive – January 2019 (Dates to be announced)



2nd Term

January 12th- March 23rd, 2019


March – April, 2019- CUBA (Dance Competition, Sight Seeing)

Further details will be provided.


ISTD Mock Exams – March 25th – 30th 2019




April 1st-12th, 2019



ISTD EXAM- (Waiting on exact dates from ISTD)


4th Term

April 13th- July 6th, 2019



July 7th 2019



July 8th – August 24th, 2019


Parents Day


Scheduled for the 9th week of each term.